Find Joy In A Movie, And Take A Sip Of Life

Many people differentiate when it comes to emotions like fear and happiness. Yet, most people unify in what makes them feel joy. Certain sights, common moral practices, and inspirations come from the media every single day that make typical humans feel somewhat ‘Joyful.’ It’s that feeling when the really good guy at the end of the movie who you’ve been cheering for gets the girl, does something impossible, changes a life, or dies trying. A few random joyful movies to check out:

Yes Man- Jim Carrey is pretty funny. So is the movie. Along with it, the moral point of the film provides a very eye-opening perspective on life. He can’t say no to anything in the movie– only yes. The movie presents all of the crazy things that were put into his dull life by simply not letting opportunities pass by. They’re there every day. One simple “Yes” and you could meet the girl of your dreams, land a promotion, or win a million bucks. A very joyful thought when things seem blue.

Avatar- “Not another article talking about Avatar,” you might be thinking. But in reality, it’s a world so unlike reality it gives off a beacon of joy. In Avatar, on the planet Pandora, there is no civilization, nature like never seen before. Glowing neon flowers, giant trees, strange plants and animals. It’s almost as if you were to take the Alice in Wonderland world and shape it into a whole planet. People need an escape from their every-day life. This dream-like world is euphoric, as the cameras walk you right through it first-hand.

Up- A close to perfect love story shown within the first five minutes of the movie, using only visuals, no dialogue. This is before Carl’s wife Ellie eventually passes away in their elderly age, all before they could fulfill their lifelong promise to fly to Paradise Falls. As the movie starts, Carl is a bitter old man who is being forced to go into a retirement home. At the last moment, he releases thousands of balloons attached to his house and takes off to Paradise Falls just as he promised Ellie they would do together. The movie has an overwhelming plot-line in conjunction with the joy caused by such a strong, demonstrated love by Carl throughout the movie. The vast amounts of balloons also have a joyful effect. Who doesn’t like balloons?

These movies are worth checking out if you’re in need for any reassuring or inspirational thoughts. It’s the reminders of what the world could be, or the demonstration of what an open imagination can develop that keep us moving in this every-day world of ours.